Lipstick: A Sculptural Icon.

by Anna Neary in , ,

I'm about 7 years late to this art party.  It's still amazing though and I wanted to share.  This exhibit was brought to my attention in my Color Theory class where we discuss different uses of color that we come across every week and I was fascinated.  The artist, Livia Marin, decided to explore the idea that every women wears down her lipstick in a different way...which is not something I have ever thought about but it's true.  Does the way we do every day things like that say something about the person we are?  Curious. Livia took 2,214 different colored lipsticks (yes, they are all different) and carved every one in a different way (yup, that is all different too!).  The lipsticks were displayed on the edge of a room and the tubes were used as the base of each 'sculpture'.

Perfectly put, 'By transforming each individual lipstick from a standardized tool of cosmetic beauty to a curiously compelling sculptural icon, Marin capitalizes on the power that comes with re-making the ordinary into something spectacular.'  Read more here.

Cool, huh?