COACH Goes Boss.

by Anna Neary

Admittedly, I have a somewhat negative preconception of Coach Handbags as a brand.  I used to love them and then they didn't seem to move along with the times...or rather their attempts to were ill-advised and poorly executed. (I went in there once as a branding intern to be presented with a 'tween' collection that had the same price point as the regular collection. How they saw that working out well is beyond me.)

But credit where credit is due.  Coach has recently started to seriously nail it.  From their print ads to their cool new collaborations, I'm digging it.  Digging it HARD.  I've been talking about how much I would like to get a new handbag and struggling to find one that I both love and can afford.  And then Coach comes along and now in the first-world struggle of wondering which one I want and if it might be possible for me to afford more than just one.  Here are the top runners (and see the full collection of bags here):

And then you bring in the total weirdness of Baseman that, while many find it completely disturbing, I totally love.  Little monsters plus luxury leather goods (plus some weird dripping leopard print).  Bring it on but go on sale first.  Thanks.

(All images c/o Coach)

Being Cold Sucks.

by Anna Neary

I started a new job 5 weeks ago.  And while I watch the snow come down for another Sunday evening, I am none too please that of these 5 weeks, only one Monday commute will have been without full-on grossness.  The snow is beautiful but I'm over it.  I'm cold all the time and it's making little things like laundry (pipes keep freezing) and running errands (I drive a Subaru but it doesn't make driving in the snow any more fun) way more difficult than they need to be.  

So I am having a wonderful time checking the weather forecast for March (we get into a balmy 40 degrees) and looking at gorgeous outdoor living images on Pinterest.  I'm taking notes for when the snow finally melts and I can see my deck again.  DECORATING GAME ON.

(All images c/o Pinterest)

Now That It's December, This Is Acceptable.

by Anna Neary

I love the holidays.  So when signs they have started to arrive, I'm usually pretty jazzed about it all.  And I wouldn't say that I am one of those who has a STRONG opinion on the Christmas commercials on TV before Halloween and stores opening their doors for Black Friday days before Black Friday actually begins...but I do think it's pretty silly.  Let's all just slow our rolls a bit and not worry about being first out of the gate.

Anyway...Halloween is over.  Thanksgiving is over.  We have just stepped into December.  And so I felt like I would be well within my bounds to share some of my favorite holiday decor inspiration without it seeming out of place.

This year will not just be different but VERY different for my family and I, and though I plan on telling you all about it soon, it's just a note that I won't be around my normal surroundings for it.  I have a lovely little apartment now with room and the right kind of energy for a tree, but this year, there will be no seasonal decor going up for us.  We will be on an adventure.  Together.  

But that doesn't mean I am not excited at the ideas swirling around and taking notes for a time when I will be home and want to really go balls out.  (Sorry, Santa.)

(All images c/o Pinterest.  Click on image to go direct to link.)

Am I French Yet?

by Anna Neary

I don't have a ton to say about this collaboration.  Other than I appreciate its subject matter and its ability to be light-hearted.  I also am now really obsessed with the term 'boob pocket'.  

Ladies and gents, The Man Repeller for Etre Cecile.

Shop the entire collection here.  

(Images c/o Man Repeller)

Handmade Neon Sign = More Feelings Than I Was Expecting.

by Anna Neary

I initially started to watch this video because I was like 'oh cool, a neon skull...let's see where this goes'.  But this video ended up making me feel all the feelings and not just about a cool sign that was being produced.  The artist, Mike Heist, is something incredible.  Obviously in the sense of creating this kind of thing, but his story...I dunno, that's what really struck me.  He doesn't ever talk about his passion for the craft.  Nor does he really talk much about the business itself.  It's really about how this is just what he does.  It's why he does it.  It's ignoring the impact he may have made in his city and in the art world because...that's just not him.  It's something personal and painful and beautiful all at once.  

That being said.  I still want that neon skull.  

Certificate Of Awesomeness. Because You Are.

by Anna Neary

I'm not even sure what to say about this one.  It's awesome.  Awesome celebrating awesome.  This is the kind of thing you come across and first think 'why didn't I come up with this genius idea', which is swiftly followed by 'who can I give this to but secretly who can I find to get me one'. 

I love artist Jessica Hische by default because she uses the term 'Saved By The Bell-esque'.  But then you add in rainbows and silver foil and basically everything she was clever enough to put on these Certificates of Awesomeness, and it's game over.  She's my best friend.  At some point, maybe she'll know that too.

So go.  Get one.  Gift it.  Let someone know that they are the tits.  

(Images c/o Jessica Hische)